Coronavirus Shutdown

The COVID-19 does not discriminate. We are all subject to attack, but some populations are more vulnerable than others. Every day more than 300 malnourished children ages 3-6 arrive at Our Lady of the Star Nursery in the Philippines. They are fed and given the necessary medicines daily.

At least they used to.

Currently 72 of the children are undergoing treatment for tuberculosis. The government has no TB drugs to distribute and has given the “stay at home” order to the entire region to combat the virus, which prevents the children from coming to the nursery. If the children miss just one dose, they must start all over again.

Last week, the government issued each family 4.2 pounds of rice, 1 can of sardines and 1 pack of noodles. How long can that possibly last? Our Lady of the Star staff rose to the occasion. They received medical passes from the government and are going home-to-home, distributing the necessary medicines and food packs to the children, especially those who are anemic and malnourished.

Your gift of $25 will feed five children for one month. Give the gift of life today.

“Parents tell us they are more afraid of hungry and lack of basic necessities in the coming weeks than they are of the coronavirus,” said Sister Cecil, Director