Respire Haiti Christian School was established to educate and encourage the most vulnerable children in Gressier, Haiti. Respire is the voice for children living with disabilities and for hundreds of child servants (restaveks) living in Gressier. Respire provides 560 children with a quality education from kindergarten through 9th grade. They also offer the students medical care, two nutritious meals per day, dental services and therapy.

In developing countries like Haiti, voodoo traditions shun children with mental and physical disabilities. Family members and friends often urge the parents of disabled children to “voye jete li” which means toss it out or put it in the garbage. Respire Christian School is working to teach parents that children with disabilities are not cursed and that they should be cared for like any other child.

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Located 20 miles west of Port-au-Prince, most of the families in Gressier live on less than $3 per day. They toil in the fields, haul water from miles away and usually only eat one meal a day.

Program Highlights

Respire continues to grow and expand

Since Respire opened their doors in 2011, they have been a strong advocate for children born into the relentless cycle of poverty. Respire helps families stay together and those participating in their programs have a much greater chance of experiencing changes in their own lives. Some of the services provided are:

  • 18 classrooms for 560 students
  • Two special needs classes
  • Physical and occupational therapy services
  • A safe house and transitional home for young girls
  • Medical clinic with triage center, dental services and a pharmacy

Every child deserves an opportunity and with your help more children will have a chance to rise above the everyday struggles to survive. Family units are made stronger and are able to become more self-sufficient because of the medical care, nutrition and education that their children receive from Respire.


With your help these children will have an opportunity for a better future

Respire’s medical clinic provides services for 560 students, 100 staff members and their families. Each year an additional 2,000 people from the surrounding community are also seen at the clinic. 

  • $2,200 per month pays for the doctor, three nurses, an administrative assistant and the cleaning staff
  • $2,000 per month provides physical therapy services for everyone in need
  • $600 per month would enable them to hire two desperately needed physical therapy technicians

Malnutrition in developing countries holds it captive to poverty. A well-nourished and healthy child is an essential ingredient toward developing a productive life. 

  • $2,800 per month feeds 560 students and staff two nutritious meals each day
  • $500 per month feeds 100 students and staff
  • $250 per month feeds 50 students and staff

Quality education stops the legacy of illiteracy. More than 60% of the 560 impoverished students are restaveks who now have access to a quality education which is the key to their future and to the future of Haiti. 

  • $1,960 per month supports one entire classroom of 28 students
  • $700 per month provides tuition, uniforms and books for 10 students
  • $350 per month pays the salary of one teacher
  • $30 per month provides one additional student with a uniform and a backpack