The challenges disabled children face in the Dominican Republic are many. Life in the Dominican Republic can be extremely harsh, especially for children with disabilities who have been abandoned.

In the Dominican Republic:

  • Very few schools can accommodate children with special needs
  • Most buildings have no wheelchair access
  • Healthcare for disabled children is extremely expensive

Parents of children with disabilities are often forced to leave them at home to fend for themselves while they work or risk the whole family starving. Many of these children are tossed out into the streets to beg for themselves.

Motivation began with the love of a son

While raising a disabled child themselves, pastor Lucas Carvajal and his wife Tempora chose to create a loving home for children that no one else would care for. In 2006, the House of Light orphanage began caring for severely disabled children with autism, down syndrome, multiple sclerosis and more. Most of these children were abandoned and Casa de Luz welcomed them into their home and family.

This is your moment to ignite


Santo Domingo, a city of 2.1 million is the country’s capital where 27.6% of the families live in poverty and hundreds of children roam the streets. Only 30% of the children ever finish primary school.

Program Highlights

Casa de Luz makes a difference

Today there are 40 disabled children living at the orphanage that receive:

  • A monthly medical exam by a doctor
  • A clean bed in spacious bedrooms and watched over 24/7 by room mothers who personally care for them
  • Lifesaving vaccinations and medicine
  • Daily therapy sessions

At Casa de Luz the children also enjoy:

  • Three nourishing meals and snacks daily
  • Arts and crafts, musical stimulation, story-time and games
  • Individual attention from dedicated staff that are trained to care for children with special needs
  • A home and a family where they can grow, heal and belong


The children are counting on us

Without medical assistance many of these children would not survive

  • $1,200 per month covers the costs of three physical therapists
  • $900 per month pays the salaries of three nurses needed for 24-hour coverage
  • $750 per month provides all the necessary medicine

Proper nutrition is critical for children with disabilities

  • $1,600 per month pays for two cooks and four helpers
  • $1,200 per month covers the costs of three nourishing meals and a snack each day

Education and stimulation teach children about the world around them

  • $300 per month is needed to transport the only three children that are able to attend school
  • $200 per month covers the costs of books, tablets, art supplies and materials for all the children