KAITLYN KILBY, Executive Director

Kaitlyn Kilby has a passion for helping others and has worked with numerous nonprofits including women’s shelters, children’s hospitals and leadership programs.

JUDY JOFFE, Marketing & Public Relations Advisor

Judy Joffe has an extensive background in public relations and marketing in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. She has successfully led fundraising and marketing campaigns for nearly a dozen different charities.

TANYA DIAZ, Field Consultant

Tanya Diaz oversees the projects for All Children in the Philippines. She is a trained journalist with six years of experience in communications and budget oversight.

ALFRENO DUFRENE, Field Consultant

Alfreno Dufrene oversees the projects for All Children in Haiti. He studied school administration and supervision at Providence University and implemented the special education classes for Hope Home at Children’s Village. 

CARIDAD PEREZ, Field Consultant

Caridad Perez oversees the project for All Children in the Dominican Republic. She studied Modern Languages at the National University and completed a hospitality internship in the U.S. where she proved to be skillful in working with diverse groups of people.