Living with a disabled child can have profound effects on a family living in poverty. La Sagesse Center helps to fill this void. It is a day care and developmental center that provides services during the day for children suffering from autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other disabilities.

The Center is Run by the Daughters of Wisdom and is recognized by the Filipino Department of Education as a special needs school. The children learn to accomplish daily tasks such as personal hygiene, cooking and doing their own laundry.

The more integrated they become at home, the more they are accepted and loved by their families. Many of the students are even able to accomplish enough life skills to become self-sufficient within three to four years.

Children helping other children and their community

This year children in the vocational cooking program demonstrated their accomplishments by cooking lunch for children at a nearby orphanage. Every September students from La Sagesse also take part in a community-wide service program. Learning to give back builds self-esteem and confidence.

You can give a child hope for a better


Pasig City in metropolitan Manila
struggles from crime and overpopulation. More than 3.1 million men, women and children are homeless.

Program Highlights


The Center provides a variety of classes to ensure each student receives personalized training to become more self-sufficient. A social worker and counselor work with the families to assess their needs at home.

  • Early Intervention for children with disabilities promotes growth and development.
  • Physical Therapy sessions help develop motor skills.
  • Arts and Crafts classes encourage the children to express their feelings.
  • Educational classes in English, math and computers are available to students with higher learning capabilities.
  • Job Coaching and Placement help students who master simple skills to find employment.



Children with disabilities will miss out on opportunities unless we help.

  • $475 per month pays for one physical or occupational therapist
  • $250 per month pays for physicals, dental checkups and eye exams
  • $200 per month pays for medicine and emergency treatments

Many children bring their lunch each day. Others too poor to bring lunch are given a hot nutritious meal.

  • $500 per month ensures that children from the poorest families have a nutritious meal each day
  • $250 per month covers the cost of the cafeteria staff
  • $50 per month provides a hot lunch for 10 children each day

A one-time donation of $575 is needed to buy an oven for baking


Parents volunteer at the center to offset costs where they also learn how to deal with the challenges
they face at home.

  • $500 per month covers the cost of books and school supplies
  • $425 per month provides craft supplies
  • $50 per month sponsors one child’s tuition